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Who I am is not as important as feeling free!  La Cinq Vins comes right on time after a hard day of simply adulting.  In a world full of responsibilities and expectations, what do we really want?  This job is stressing me out, this university is draining, my mate is toying with my emotions and these kids are testing my patience. 
I walk in the door, strip down, pour a glass of wine, sit back, and relax in silence.  Suddenly, nothing matters outside of enjoying my own thoughts.  Balance, LOVE, and knowing it's okay to be human is what I kept thinking.  Then I realized the number 5 symbolized my exact thoughts.  I drank my wine and said, “I want my own shit”.  I’m going to name it “My Own Shit”!  I laughed at the idea but understood the importance of that moment. 
La Cinq Vin (Five Wines) is your opportunity to sit back and focus on you and what you really want to be doing outside of adulting.  BE FREE & ENJOY YOUR MOMENT!!!!
Indulge in the La Cinq Vin Experience!

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